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CIDAA Membership Renewal Dues Submission

Your renewal dues may still be submitted through the mail to the Membership Chairperson as always.

However, as an added service to CIDAA members, dues payments may now be submitted instantly online by following the instructions below. 

Annual dues are $25 per year, however, PayPal charges a small fee for processing funds.  That fee is included in the amounts listed below:

1 year membership renewal = $25.90

2 year membership renewal = $51.70

3 year membership renewal = $77.50

4 year membership renewal = $103.20

5 year membership renewal = $128.90

Steps for paying online:

1.  Be sure to read through to step 6 below, or you may not understand the Pay Pal procedure.

2.  This payment method is for renewals only.  Do not submit dues unless you are already a CIDAA member.  Initial dues must be submitted with the membership application as that process must be completed before renewals are accepted.  

3.  Note the amount to be paid from the years listed above.  You will need to enter that amount at the next screen.

4.  If you already have a Pay Pal account, have your Pay Pal account email address and password ready to enter in the login spaces at the Pay Pal website.

5.  If you do not have a Pay Pal account, you may pay using the "Secure Checkout" button at the Pay Pal website (have your credit card handy for entering information from it).  You will have the opportunity to establish a Pay Pal account if desired, but it is not required.  

6.  Now that you know the amount you are going to pay and have your credit card or Pay Pal login information ready, please click on the Pay Pal button below:


    Payment Options


For additional Information about dues submission, please contact:

Warren L. Cox
CIDAA Membership Chairperson
165 Birch Creek Circle
McDonough, GA 30253-5137


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Updated 1 Jan 11