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Heather: If your Dad has long, long, term memory he will remember me. Tell him that I always considered him an exceptionally competent Special Agent and that I am in his corner.

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Sorry to hear about your Dad Heather. Tell him his former Sergeant Major wants him to know that our thoughts and prayers are with him, and your Mom and you.

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Sorry to hear it, Heather. I reported to Mainz Resident Agency as a brand new WO1 and Dave was such a great mentor, demonstrating that hard work could, and should, be fun.

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Heather - really sorry to hear about your father's condition. I used to work for the VA as a Field Examiner who visited and monitored veterans or their beneficiaries who were considered unable to handle their own affairs. Many of my clients suffered similar effects as David's. When I called them by their former rank and mentioned their military service I could witness their minds focus and their eyes reflect pride and satisfaction that replaced the confusion and disorientation of their current circumstances. I imagine talking with him about happy times when you were a little girl might produce joyful memories he can share with you and others. I truly admire your determination and efforts to do what you can for your father. You might want to check with the VA for appointment as fiduciary over any VA funds he receives, as well as Social Security, if he is old enough to receive that. God bless your Dad, and you and your family as you respond to this very dreadful situation.

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This is David Werfel's daughter, Heather. My father has been living in a VA hospital since November 13, 2012. His sister and I met at his house and took him to the VA hospital to get checked after we got word from a friend that he wasn't doing good. Sadly to say, he hasn't been home since and never will. He's been diagnosed with Frontal Lobe Dementia, a.k.a (Pick's Disease) It's a type of dementia that affects people in their 40's and 50's, and there is no known cure for it. The doctor suspects that he's had this since 2009 and it just now got to the point that he can't be home alone, which happened very fast. He no longer has short term memory but he can remember EVERY detail of cases he worked during his CID days.

My sister and her family flew in from Japan to see him and help clear out his house. He had a major mold issue in his basement from a flood back in October that never got fixed until January. He wasn'table to clean his house in over a year, so 90% of the contents of his house got thrown away. Everything in the basement was a total loss due to the mold.

We noticed something different about him in 2011, but we never suspected this! I'm going to get guardianship over him and my first hearing is at the end of March. Once I get guardianship, my sister and I will continue to get his house ready to sell. It's very hard to see him and know that he's like this at such a young age. He was a very smart man and had a really good life going for him. He's on a waiting list for a VA nursing home.

If anybody would like to visit him, he's in the VA hospital at Oakland, PA. You'll have to check in at the police station in the hospital to be escorted up to his floor since it's a secured ward. You can also call him at 412-360-1158 and ask for him by name. Sometimes he even answers the phone since it's in their TV viewing area.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at HeatherFletcher79@gmail.com

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