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Hospitalization and/or Serious Illness (Public)
John Lanting
Gary L. Kehoe (Gary) -04/12, 11:40 am- John, hang in there. The
C. E. Martin (Cemart -04/04, 08:04 am- John, my thoughts and pra
Larry Askew (Larry_a -04/03, 07:31 pm- Very sad to hear this new
Charles A. McNichols -04/02, 02:13 pm- My thoughts and prayers c
Stephen R. "Russ" Yo -04/02, 07:18 am- Praying now.
John K. Boatwright ( -04/01, 03:28 pm- Some of you probably know
Joel Geller seriously ill with cancer
Kenneth W. Minton (K -10/24, 02:17 pm- Best wishes to you Joel i
Louise "Mickey" Head -10/22, 10:05 am- Joel Geller: Joel1269176
Deaths (Public)
Gary E. George - RIP
Freeman Henson (Flhe -04/17, 08:09 am- Gary and I were both assi
Gary L. Kehoe (Gary) -04/12, 11:37 am- A Great OPS Officer, I me
Lawrence H. Drayton  -01/20, 04:06 am- I met Gary when assigned
Louise "Mickey" Head -01/19, 07:47 am-  CW4 Ret Gary Edward Geo
Donald L. Keller (Do -01/18, 07:19 pm- Garys obituary: https://
Tom Whitrock (Tjw) -01/14, 09:12 pm- I was fortunate to have w
Ernest D. Hamm (Erni -01/14, 11:25 am- So sorry to hear of Garys
Thomas G Wilkin II ( -01/13, 07:58 pm- In June/July, 1977, I rep
Royston Evans Flande -01/13, 03:06 pm- I knew Gary from Walter R
Donald L. Keller (Do -01/13, 11:44 am- Gary passed on 01/12/2021
Ken Dottle - RIP
Gary L. Kehoe (Gary) -04/12, 11:54 am- Ken, it was a pleasure to
James R. Duck - RIP
Gary L. Kehoe (Gary) -04/12, 11:51 am- Rest in peace Jim and con
Thomas H Grass (Tgra -11/09, 11:33 am- I was stationed with Jim
Richard M Patrick - RIP
Gary L. Kehoe (Gary) -04/12, 11:48 am- Rest in peace Sergeants M
Walter Clay “Tex” DeHart, Jr. - RIP
Gary L. Kehoe (Gary) -04/12, 11:44 am- Rest in peace Tex. Since
Thomas H Grass (Tgra -03/13, 03:06 am- It is with great sadness
Kenneth W. Minton (K -03/06, 05:23 pm- I served sometime with Te
Jim Coker (Unregiste -03/06, 11:05 am- Rembering you in prayer.M
C. E. Martin (Cemart -02/22, 04:33 pm- Rest in Peace Tex. Thank
Louis Patalano III ( -02/18, 07:46 pm- Walter Clay “Tex” DeHart
Michael F. Kaan, R.I.P
Stephen R. "Russ" Yo -04/02, 07:14 am- Condolences to the Kaan f
Jim Coker (Unregiste -03/25, 04:14 pm- To the Kaan Family.Theres
C. E. Martin (Cemart -03/18, 04:57 pm- Al, Monty and I are so so
Ed German (Member) -03/18, 01:32 am- Michael Frederick Kaan No
Warren Cox (Warrenci -03/16, 10:13 pm- Al Kaana son, Michael F.
John R. Schwartz - RIP
Thomas H Grass (Tgra -03/13, 03:53 am- It is with sadness to rea
Ed German (Member) -03/06, 11:20 am- John R. Schwartz November
Louise "Mickey" Head -02/24, 08:46 am- I have now been told that
Dannie Taylor (Danni -02/21, 10:02 pm- I’m heartbroken at John’s
Lawrence H. Drayton  -02/16, 01:38 am- John Swartz. Good man.
Henry H.G. Mungle (S -01/26, 11:13 am- I received this informati
Robert M. Friend - R.I.P
Jim Coker (Unregiste -03/12, 02:53 pm- Madge, remembering you an
Death of SA Alan J. WELCH
James W. Savage (Sav -03/06, 04:54 pm- I am sorry to report that
Philip Wayne Blair - RIP
Jim Coker (Unregiste -03/06, 10:59 am- I served with Phil at Ft.
Donald L. Keller (Do -02/08, 04:47 am- Philip Wayne Blair Septem
David M. Warr (Unreg -02/03, 04:42 pm- CW3 Ret Philip Blair pass
Bill Ivory - RIP
Jim Coker (Unregiste -03/06, 10:52 am- To Elisa and the Family.W
Albert C. Price (Alp -01/21, 03:06 pm- A friend and fellow agent
Ed German (Admin) -01/20, 11:25 pm- William Francis Bill Ivor
Edward A. Balog - RIP
Ernest D. Hamm (Erni -03/03, 10:11 am- Served under MAJ Balog at
Louise "Mickey" Head -03/03, 08:05 am- Edward A. Balog Feb 26,
Peter L Comras - RIP
Dan White (Unregiste -01/12, 02:37 am- Very sad to learn that Pe
Jim Coker (Unregiste -01/08, 02:22 pm- To Mrs.Myrna Comras and F
Kenneth W. Minton (K -01/08, 07:35 am- Im very sorry to hear of
Louise "Mickey" Head -01/08, 05:34 am- Dr. Peter Leonard Comras
Marvin M Busby - RIP
Bob Busby (Bob_busby -01/06, 07:43 pm- Marvin and I were not rel
Henry Mungle (Unregi -12/24, 11:43 am- I first met Marvin and hi
Sully H. de Fontaine - RIP
Ronald A Slater (Rsl -11/24, 10:46 pm- To fully get a really det
Looking for Someone? (Public)
Looking for any info on CWO Edmund A Rall
Joseph L. Parker (Jo -12/26, 11:17 am- Dear Kristin, I worked as
"Tired Warrior" J W Rich ( -11/11, 09:36 am- Obituary John was born on
Louise "Mickey" Head -11/11, 08:54 am- Joseph W Rich anyone know