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Only the CIDAA Webservant or Forum Moderator may post job announcements on this Forum. Any person or entity wishing to post jobs on this website, please E-Mail them directly to Forum Moderator Tom Wilson, thogwil(at) and Webservant Ed German, ed(at)

Of course, replace (at) with @ in the above email addresses.

ONLY FIRM JOB OFFERS will be posted on the CIDAA Website. Contingent, anticipated or prospective jobs awaiting contract approval will not be posted until the requesting organization or valid representative affirms that ALL jobs are bonafide
and immediately available on the date the job is submitted for posting.

Please provide a Thumb-Nail description of specific job(s) being offered, their physical location, brief qualifications, salary package and the closing date. Please provide the name of a contact person, reaching phone and FAX numbers, and your URL so that prospective applicants can visit your website and review the complete job data. Very extensive job descriptions and qualifications will be edited for brevity.

Job postings will remain on this board until their closing date, or a period of sixty (60) days. Please notify the Moderator when your jobs are filled. If you want the job listing to remain on the board for another specified period, please notify the Moderator before the 60 day expiration.

Please submit your job offers in PDF or Word format.

Updated: 1 June 2018