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Gus Bernt
Joe K White - serious illness
Don Flint
Joel Geller seriously ill with cancer
John Lanting
Bill Ivory
Gary Coupal
Tom Wilkin reported in serious condition
CW4 Gary George
Clarence "Chuck" Chavis
Clarence "Chuck" Chavis - Hospitalization
Hans Gidion - Illness
Maria Tank - Illness
Matt Moriarity
William "Bill" Moore
Charles Kimmig
Julius (J.B.) Brain
Archie Moss
John "Jack" FAY
Herb Marlow
COL Patrick R Lowrey - RIP
Floyd Ramsey
Joe Lehman
Received this from a MP Buddy I was with in Augsburg 76/7...
Harry W Kinsella Illness
Don O Quinn - Illness
David Werfel
Rex Schulz
Tom Farris
George Chigi
Fate J. Kirby
Vernon (Joe) Germanaro
Len Trahan Recovering
Michael Clifford - Surgery
Thomas J. McGreevy Seriously Ill
Rick Kastan Illness
Bill Ambrose Hospitalized
Ed Ward Has Heart Bypass Surgery
James Kirk Pace a.k.a. JKP
Ruben Young In Hospital, Heart Attack and aneurism; Grave...
William Jungbluth - illness
Patrick V Garland
Hospitalization Bill Ambrose
Emanuel "Joe" Barone
Earl V Burdette - Illness
Howie Maxcy
Marshall Thomas Illness
Michael Clifford - Minor TBI
Allan Stein will have Heart Bypass Surgery
Richard "Padre" Squyres - Accident
Howard 'Howie' Maxcy- Heart Attack
Larry Self
Ken Arthur, In Serious Condition
Joe Greenwell
Francis "Robbie" Robinson
Leanne Heggen-Eckstein - Injury
Jim Squires - Hip Replacement Surgery - Heart Problems
Pete Black, Massive Heart Attack and Hospitalization
Bob Moledor suffered a heart attack!
"Flip" Feher - Illness
Sharon Coster
Paul Haubner - illness
Prayers for My Son (Donald Albright III)
Wolfgang Vinskey
Roy Haas - Surgery
Thomas L Elliott - illness
Wolfgang Vinskey - illness
Calvin Wood Battle with Cancer
Request for Prayers - Josh Billings' Daughter Injured
Thomas Coster - Heart Attack
Boyd W Wooten - Illness
Bagwell - Surgeries
Request for Prayers - Paige Bandy
Tim Weber - Illness
Larry Keith Nelson Hospitalization
Earl V Burdette - Surgery
Request for Prayers - Annemarie Hartman
Nancy Parrotte Hospitalized w/cancer, Bob Undergoing Ki...
Request for Prayers - Michael Clifford
Request for Prayers - Kathi - Daughter of Sandy Hache-Tejada
Don Hayden Hospitalized
Richard M. Croom
Ken Hamilton - Illness/Request for Prayers
New Addition to the Como family
Bill Freeman Hospitalized
Andy Smith Has Surgery; Hospitalized in Nashville
Jim Pace
Doing Fine
Dan Smith - Illness
SA (Ret) Jon R. Woodman - Seriously Injured
A new twig on the Yarnall tree
John A. Cholar - Illness
Jim Pace - Hospitalization
Harry C. de Jongh - Hospitalization
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